1000 new Twitter followers in 3 days

5000 Twitter followers after 3 weeks

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Our main Twitter account has over 30.000 followers, so to make sure this system was something that others could duplicate...

We took an old dormant Twitter account, and using a virtually free technique and 10 minutes per day, every other day for 3 weeks, we increased the following to 5,000 and easily generated 15 new leads per day.

We started out on March 6th, 2016 with 1206 followers.  We tweeted once to wake up the account.

Then a day later we tweeted once more, and after 10 minutes each day for the first 3 days, the account grew to 2263 followers.

Yes that's 1057 new followers in 3 days.

We like to under promise and over deliver so...

We settled into a routine that we thought any one could do, an easy routine of doing the technique for 10 minutes a day,  every other day for the next 18 days.

That's 9 more times, and the account grew to 5,000 followers.  You may have even better results if you do it every day.

Sunday March 27th, 2016 10:26 PM Pacific

5000 Twitter followers

The best part?  We're sharing the EXACT how to's, complete details,  for FREE.

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BUT wouldn't it be more fun to increase YOUR followers and your profits?

P.S. 6:02 PM Pacific,  June 3rd, 2016 and our main Twitter account twitter.com/marie_bennett is currently sitting at 38,165 followers. Once again you can sit back and watch it grow, or jump in and start increasing YOUR own followers.

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